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    Yarel Payroll Management
    Payroll and HR services in one place
    Gaining the most out of the payroll calculation process
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    Yarel Payroll Management
    Payroll and HR services in one place
    Gaining the most out of the payroll calculation process

Professionalism, accuracy and innovation in payroll services

Yarel Management Services Ltd., from Yarel + Partners Group, specializes in advanced payroll and offers services to companies. We provide comprehensive payroll and financial management solutions through local systems interfacing with advanced global systems.

We advocate innovation and automation for payroll processes tailored to the need and requirements of each organization.

The company's team consists of highly experienced professional payroll personnel, English speakers with high service orientation and proven expertise in working with large multinational entities.

Our Services


We provide our clients with solutions for the challenges facing payroll management organizations together with tools to cope and adapt with the constant changing employment regulations

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Developing and creating customized reports

Developing reports according to clients requirement’s in formats suitable to CRM and ERP systems of the companies and various entities that the client is dealing with.

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Start your operation in Israel

Providing professional service for the registration of companies in the Companies Register and opening of files with the tax authorities.

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Payment Services for Payroll Cycle

Financial management of wages through a regulatory trust account and handling payments for the employer to institutions and pension funds of the employee.

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Pension operating services

Pension operation services in accordance with the regulations required by law as a continuation of the wage process for the employer.

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Complimentary services One Stop Shop

Related solutions enhancing salary calculations, such as financial management, opening of bank account, accounting, control, bookkeeping and tax advice.

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Want to learn more about our services?

It will be our pleasure to answer your queries regarding options in your company for salary calculation process. Please leave your details and we will contact you soon.

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Why Choose Us?

Leading professional team

Our foundation is based on excellent and professional service. Our clients enjoy the professionalism and knowledge we have accumulated over many years of meticulous work.

Functioning in Israel with full knowledge of International requirements

We are working with multinational companies operating in Israel for many years and we understand and know how to deal with their needs in Israel and the demands that they receive from their head office.

Advanced technology

Automation of error-preventing process that can result from human error. Interaction in English with computing systems and international authorities.

International standard workmanship

Yarel Management Services Ltd. is an official partner of the world leader in payroll and human resources services and is committed to the highest international standards.

One Stop Shop

In conjunction with Yarel + Partners, CPA, we provide consulting and overall financial solutions to local, multinational and global companies.

Labour law consultation

We work with lawyers and experts in the field of labor law which enables us to address all issues related to local labor law and in various countries around the world.